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Naturopath in London. Naturopathy Practitioner


Naturopathy in London

 Oliver Barnett ND, Dip Nut, MBANT

Shine Holistic
52 Stoke Newington Church Street
London N16 0NB

Tel: 020 7241 5033 

Also Clinics in Highgate N6 & Harley Street W1 
Naturopath, Nutritional Therapist & Iridologist

Email: oliver@londonclinicofnutrition.co.uk
Website: www.londonclinicofnutrition.co.uk


How well you feel depends on how efficiently your body produces essential enzymes, hormones and other substances. It also depends on how well your body gets rid of wastes and toxins that could interfere with your internal chemistry. 

Naturopathy involves assessing what your body needs to perform these tasks efficiently.  It is not about giving the same treatment to everyone: two people with identical symptoms can have entirely different needs. Everyone is unique with different genetics, living environments and eating histories.  Each client must be individually assessed and given naturopathic advice and education based on the findings.

I focus on providing individuals with evidence-based advice on what to eat and not to eat.  Recognising that people are fed a vast amount of information about diet & health, I help families separate fact from fiction empowering individuals to achieve an optimum diet and lifestyle.

Naturopaths recognise that health is more than just the absence of disease; it is dependent upon a multitude of factors and a reflection of a harmonious interaction with our environment. Good health means each individual has the capacity to live life to their full potential, in body, mind and spirit.

Naturopathy also aims to increase the vitality of patients so that they can dispel disease by stimulating the body’s self-healing mechanism. Disease is seen as the body's response to challenges in the internal and external environment.  Perfect Health is achieved by: gentle detoxification, nutrition and dietary balance, supplements, herbal remedies, homeopathy and lifestyle changes.

About Me

Oliver has always been a keen cook and developed an early interest in food and nutrition.  This led to five years of study in Naturopathy and Nutrition, which has been supplemented with courses and study in Metabolic Typing and Ayurvedic medicine. Regular seminars are attended to keep abreast of the latest evidence in conventional and natural medicine. One of Oliver’s key interests is educating clients to dispel modern medical myths and to understand the impact of the current western diet on health.

As a Naturopath practising nutritional therapy he defines his practice as the therapeutic use of nutrient-rich foods and nutritional supplements to improve health and prevent disease.  When addressing the specific needs of the individual patient Oliver adheres to the principals and practices of naturopathic medicine:

  • Do no harm
  • Support the self-healing potential of the body
  • Address the fundamental causes of disease (whenever possible)
  • Heal the whole person through individual treatment
  • Teach the principles of healthy living and preventative medicine

What Kind of Conditions Have People Seeked Help With?

Oliver has helped many people with various conditions such as: skin health, sports nutrition, diabetes type I and II, Hypothyroid, inflammatory bowel disease, arthritis, autoimmune disease, age-related illness, neurodegenerative disease, intolerances & allergies, gastrointestinal complaints and weight loss.

The Consultation

The first consultation lasts 60-75 minutes with follow ups at 30-45 minutes in duration. During the initial consultation we will gather a detailed picture of your health by asking various questions and using non-invasive diagnostic techniques, including: metabolic typing, Chinese diagnostic methods and iridology.  Further external blood, urine or hair testing is also carried out where necessary.

Once areas of imbalance and deficiency have been identified, a bespoke nutritional protocol with accompanying food plan is provided.  Patients generally experience an improvement in their health within a few weeks of their first appointment with further improvements if not a complete return to perfect health within a few months. 

Patient Testimonial
"Oliver has been assisting me (very successfully) with chronic long term complications of Diabetes type 1 and hypo-thyroidism. Over the past year, I have found my general well-being greatly improved, and the continuity of care and provision to be outstanding. There have been certain approaches, that I have found difficult to adapt, and have been amazed that Oliver has always found time to find a method that works with my lifestyle. I feel very fortunate that I managed to use a practitioner that delivers a positive result - and therefore have no hesitation in passing on a very good recommendation for this young man, to anyone that may want to try his approach."

Oliver likes to have an initial free 20 minute chat on the phone with prospective clients to be certain his services are appropriate for your needs.
Oliver also operates a money back guarantee where, if you are not totally happy with the results, you can have all of your money back.
For appointments with Oliver at Shine Holistic call 020 7241 5033. For appointments at Highgate or Harley Street or for further information please go to contact us or visit www.londonclinicofnutrition.co.uk 
Further Information About Naturopathy
Naturopathy seeks to increase the body’s ability to maintain its equilibrium; to stay healthy and fight off disease by bringing the body, mind and emotions into an optimum balance. Treatment may involve diet, fasting, exercise, massage, osteopathy, hydrotherapy and relaxation/stress management; whatever is required to build up the body’s natural healing ability.

The guidelines of this approach were laid down thousands of years ago by the Greek physician Hippocrates, but it wasn’t until the 19th century that it became fully developed when people would visit spas, and hydrotherapy clinics opened. Naturopathy has strong parallels with Eastern systems of medicine which employ a range of techniques to support the body.

Nutritional Aspects of Naturopathy

This is an important aspect of naturopathy. Advice may be given which includes controlled fasting with water, juices or restricted foods. Consumption of fresh, raw foods both to provide nourishment and to cleanse and detoxify the body will be recommended. This cleansing process is important as naturopaths regard much illness as having arisen through the accumulation of toxicity.

Physical Aspects of Naturopathy

Massage and osteopathic techniques may be given to improve spinal alignment and muscle condition.

Hydrotherapy in the form of sitz baths (shallow baths of alternating hot and cold water) to improve circulation and muscle tone. Circulation may also be stimulated and nerve function balanced by compresses, packs, wraps, sprays or douches. Even seaweed body wraps and bathing in mineral-rich mud may be recommended.

Psychological Aspects of Naturopathy

Naturopathy appreciates the holistic nature of human beings and if relevant, may use counselling, relaxation techniques and stress management.

The Consultation Process

Naturopaths use different methods of testing and treatment. However, the initial consultation will probably last an hour or so. Patients will be asked about their medical history, diet, quality of sleep and digestion, relationships, energy levels and working environment. A range of routine tests may be carried out to assess body reflexes. Blood and urine samples are sometimes taken. The iris may be examined or blood/hair samples may be taken to check for toxic metal accumulation and mineral imbalances.

Advice will be given about positive changes that need to be taken, and treatments involving homoeopathy, acupuncture, herbalism, osteopathy and more may be recommended.

Treatment takes time if the full benefit of naturopathy is to be experienced, with steady improvements, possibly interrupted with healing crises as the body cleanses itself.

One need not wait for illness to strike before consulting a naturopath since it can be used as a preventative treatment by keeping the body in optimum condition.

For more information about naturopathy please visit The College of Naturopathic Medicine UK at