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Myofascial Release Therapy in Hackney & Stoke Newington


  Ilaria Bucchieri 

48 Adley street
London E5 0DY
Tel: 07737 136 341
Mobile in Stoke Newington
Tel: 07737 136 341


MFR is a hands on therapy focusing on soft tissue dysfunction, pain and holding patterns.

It is a non invasive treatment that involves gentle sustained pressure and aims at stimulating the body self healing mechanism.

MFR has to do with fluid dynamics. Our bodies are 75% fluid. The release feels like a melting or yelding sensation because the sustained pressure allows the dehydration of the ground substance in the fascia to soften, to become more fluid and in turn glide properly.

The minimum time needed for the tissues to begin to rearrange themselves is approximately 90 to 120 seconds.

The therapist looks and feels for areas of restriction aiming to find the origin of the discomfort and release it. Then works with creating balance and restoring function.

Each session offers a unique treatment.

MFR can be performed as a stand alone treatment or incorporated in a sport and remedial massage or therapeutic massage session.

The technique does not need to be applied to every area of the body in one session because it will in any case have beneficial effects on the whole body.

Benefits of Myofascial release:

•General increase in health due to the increase in water volume within the tissues
•Promotion of relaxation and a sense of well being
•Elimination of general pain and discomfort
•Re established and improved range of movement and muscle function
•Improved digestion, absorption and elimination
•Restored balance and promotion of correct posture
•Injury recovery and rehabilitation
•Can be used as part of an athletic or sport training routine and maintenance programme to promote mobility and performance
•Promotion of awareness of emotional issues and how they may be resolved