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Meditation Classes North London | Learn Meditation


Resourcefulness Meditation Classes in North London

New course begins:  4th May  2018 
also, triple CD audio meditation course - See Below
Free relaxation meditation - In The Moment - for you to download at www.AudioMeditation.co.uk

 Linda Hall MTI, Dip TH, Dip.Clin.Hyp.NLP EFT 

Meditation Classes London

Highbury Meditation Practice
Tel: (00 44) 020 3286 6478
Email: Linda@ResourcefulnessMeditation.com
Website: www.resourcefulnessmeditation.com

Learn how to meditate with easy non-religious meditation techniques

North London Meditation Classes in Highbury, close to Clissold Park, Stoke Newington with Linda Hall.
Meditation for beginners and advanced

Courses, on-going groups, one-to-one sessions, audio meditation and relaxation self-help products, retreats

”Linda is a warm and insightful individual, and the service she provides is a calm antidote to hectic city living. Her meditation courses and groups encourages self awareness and self healing, I have found them both relaxing and deeply inspiring. I heartily recommend Linda as an expert practitioner and teacher.”
Michelle Barber

See Below For Upcoming Meditation Courses and Groups

Resourcefulness Meditation
For Body, Mind and Soul with Linda Hall

The evolving face of meditation in the 21st Century. Teaching you life skills

Recommended London teacher in Body and Soul Retreats,
2008 edition by Caroline Sylger Jones

"Linda's meditation teaching is really important because it offers a secular world humanistic approach to spirituality".
Delcia McNeil, Author of 'Bodywork Therapies for Women'

Linda Hall teaches Resourcefulness Meditation, a gentle, non-religious form of meditation that is a synthesis of Eastern philosophy and Western psychology. It is easy to learn and incorporate into daily life as a means to manage stress and develop a healthier relationship with yourself and others.

Resourcefulness Meditation draws on well-established practices such as Mindfulness Meditation, Qi Gong and Creative Visualization, and incorporates body/mind awareness and psychology.
The natural, sensory based meditation techniques are simple and can be used anywhere, any time.

Linda has twenty years experience in the complementary health-care field in body-work, therapeutic healing, meditation, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique and hypnotherapy. As well as running her own private North London meditation practice she also works as a psychology practitioner and meditation teacher at the Optimum Health Clinic, a leading UK integrative medicine practice, specialising in the treatment of stress related conditions.

To find out more about Linda’s work visit www.resourcefulnessmeditation.com **

**You can also get a free download of an interview with Linda about meditation, and subscribe to the quarterly free newsletter ‘Resourcefulness’

”Linda is a highly trained and experienced meditation teacher and facilitator of self-development groups and events. She is warm and compassionate and dedicated to her clients. She brings a wealth of knowledge to her work and her loyal following speaks for her results.”
Lizzie Holden

WATCH LINDA'S LATEST MEDITATION VIDEO AT: www.audiomeditation.co.uk/blog-2/blog-2

 Featured in Red Magazine May 2012:

"I pay a visit to Linda Hall, a practitioner who teaches 'Resourcefulness
Meditation'.. a life tool for managing stress levels, slowing busy minds and
aiding concentration.. I leave with a spring in my step.. arrive at the
office, feeling renewed and fresh, instead of chaotic and rushed..
Generally, I feel my shoulders lower and my stress levels drop. I'm getting
greater enjoyment out of everything."

Excerpt from Stop with The
Multitasking! by Molly Gunn  Read more....

Courses, Groups, One-to-one sessions, audio meditation and relaxation self-help products, retreats

Courses. also Learn How To Meditate in 8 Easy Steps - A Complete Audio Meditation Course, see below

Fortnightly Meditation Sessions

Next Course Starts: 4th May, 2018 

A step by step approach to learning meditation in a small, friendly group.

Friday evenings 7.00 - 8.30pm
4/18 May
1/15/29 June
13/27 July
10 August

Cost: £160.00 for the course (£20.00 per session) Concessionary fee sometimes available for students/low income
Venue: Highbury New Park, North London, N5. ** See details

Tel: (00 44) 020 3286 6478, email: Linda@ResourcefulnessMeditation.com

For more information visit www.resourcefulnessmeditation.com
"Linda's techniques and teachings were exactly what I was looking for: a
friendly, accessible no-nonsense approach to tackling some of the stresses
of modern life and finding inner-peace.
Of particular use were day-to-day techniques that could be deployed as and
when required.

"The course certainly helped me on a personal level, but the techniques that
stayed with me came into their own when faced with professional challenges.
At the end of the course I simply felt more equipped to tackle daily life.
"I would not hesitate to recommend Linda for anyone who is looking for a
meditation course with a down-to-earth, common sense approach."

Paul Cunliffe, North London

Ongoing Meditation Groups
Ongoing fortnightly meditation groups for people who have attended Linda’s meditation courses or one-to-one meditation sessions.

To find out more visit: www.resourcefulnessmeditation.com

Meditation - One-To-One Sessions
Individuals Sessions
Please Phone (00 44) 020 3286 6478 To Book
One-to-one meditation tuition in either face-to-face sessions or telephone sessions - to suit your particular need, exploring how meditation can help you as an individual.
To find our more visit www.resourcefulnessmeditation.com

ME Conference Call Meditation Group

Linda has developed this exciting new meditation group, specifically for people suffering from M.E, with the Optimum Health Clinic - one of the UKs leading clinics in the field. It takes the form of an interactive telephone conference call, so you can take part from anywhere in the UK, or overseas, from the comfort of your own home.

To find out more and subscribe to a FREE 7 Day Introduction to Meditation Course please visit: www.MeditationForLife.co.uk

Read more in Linda's article: 'Meditation For M.E./Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Related Conditions', published in Positive Health Online Magazine, May 2009 'Meditation For M.E./Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Related Conditions which can be accessed at www.resourcefulnessmeditation.com/articles.htm

Support Programme for Chronic Illness, M.E./Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia by Linda Hall

Meditation Stoke Newington
This twelve week audio course combines coaching, guided
meditation and daily mind-body awareness practices to help with symptom
management and under-pin recovery. Download the first four sessions free.
Audio Meditation and Relaxation Self-Help Products
With Linda Hall

Free relaxation meditation - In The Moment - for you to download at www.AudioMeditation.co.uk

Learn How To Meditate in 8 Easy Steps

Step into Meditation - The Foundation Course with Linda Hall

Audio Meditation Course London


Includes FREE DVD Meditations for Everyday Life!

Step Into Meditation has a non-religious contemporary approach to meditation that will appeal to both the complete beginner and seasoned practitioner. The language is down-to-earth and the exercises easy to follow.

The Foundation Course is the first in the Step Into Meditation series that presents meditation as a natural set of essential life skills. It takes a fresh look at meditation and brings it into the field of body/mind awareness and psychology, demonstrating how meditation can be a powerful self-help, self-development tool invaluable to anyone who wants to manage stress levels and get to know themselves better.

This triple CD set represents the culmination of Linda's work with meditation. It takes you step-by-step through the process of meditation and puts it into the context of everyday life.

“This is gold dust! The course is soundly constructed, straightforward and gloriously unpretentious, presenting a simple way to engage with the profound aspects of life without stepping into religious concepts. The language is really clear and accessible. It’s so simple and wise it could be used widely in schools.” – Heather Peace, writer and editor

Meditation Retreats

Meditation Retreat at St Katharine’s, Parmoor
Henley-On-Thames, Oxfordshire

This retreat took place 3rd – 5th August 2012
with Linda Hall

Please inquire regarding retreats for 2017

Meditation Retreat

The retreat will offer time for meditation, reflection, rest, walks in the beautiful grounds of Parmoor House and surrounding countryside, wholesome cuisine and good company to ensure you leave refreshed and nourished after your long weekend at St Katherine’s.

This superb venue is owned and run by the Sue Ryder Prayer Fellowship who welcome all faiths and none. ‘Parmoor’ stands in 12 acres of grounds in an area of great scenic beauty and abundant wildlife. The rural tranquillity of the Chilterns, combined with a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere, make St. Katharine's an ideal venue for our retreat. The history of Parmoor spans back to the Fourteenth Century and to the Knights Templar, the magnificent cedar tree in Parmoor's grounds was reputedly grown from a seed collected from the Lebanon during the Crusades.

The house is spacious with a fine panelled entrance hall, two sitting rooms and a secluded double roomed library. The former banqueting hall is a consecrated chapel and can be used as a meeting/meditation room and there’s a grand panelled dining room. The lovely grounds include a fine walled garden. We will have sole residency of Parmoor during our stay so there will be plenty of space to relax in, reflect, wander round the grounds or just sit and soak up the peaceful setting and country air.

Delicious food, catering for all dietary and ethnic requirements, is prepared by professional catering staff.

There are thirteen bedrooms in the main house, eleven of which have ensuite bathrooms and a further nine bedrooms in St Joseph’s, annexe, adjacent to the main house. All rooms that aren’t ensuite contain washbasins and have communal shower/bathroom facilities nearby.

** Venue details: Highbury New Park, London N5 (4min walk from Clissold Park/Green Lanes)

Transport: Nearest overground station: Canonbury (2min link to Highbury & Islington tube, Victoria Line); 73 & 476 bus Newington Green to Angel tube Islington (Northern Line); 393 bus Stoke Newington Church St (Clissold Park) to Highbury & Islington tube (Victoria Line); bus 141 Green Lanes - Old St tube (Northern Line) – Manor House tube (Piccadilly Line); bus 341 Green Lanes – Angel tube, Islington (Northern Line) – Manor House tube (Piccadilly Line).