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Iridology: Health and Diagnosis Through The Eye. London Iridologist


Naturopathy & Iris Analysis in North London

 Oliver Barnett
ND, Dip Nut, MBANT
Stoke Newington & Islington Practice
Naturopath, Nutritional Therapist & Iridologist
07971 987615

IRIDOLOGY is the analysis of the iris, the coloured disk of the eye.  It is often wrongly referred to as diagnosis. To diagnose is to put a name to your disease, but as Hippocrates said, it’s more important to know the person that has the disease, than to know the disease the person has.  Iridology shows us the individual constitution and can highlight the pathway to ill-health, alert us to our hidden threats, reveal our strengths, and thereby illuminate our true potential for self-healing. 

Iridology enables a practitioner to assess individuals health predispositions whether they positive or negative.  It provides an in depth analysis of the efficiency or otherwise of the body’s various systems and the location of toxic or irritative conditions, revealing root causes of disease.  In this way Iridology represents a veritable method for preventative medicine.

The eye is not only ‘the mirror of the soul’ but it also frequently reveals abnormal conditions and changes in every organ and part of the body.  Nerve fibres of the iris are connected to the brain via the hypothalamus.  Thus we have a visible extension of the brain.

The organs of the body are represented in the iris of the eye in well defined areas and by means of various marks, sings abnormal colours or discolourations, we are able to reveals an individual’s heredity or constitution.

Our constitution, reflects our embryologic development in the uterus.  The development of the iris mirrors the formative development of the whole psycho-physical system. That brings about our constitution.  Influences on this include conditions in utero, in terms of environment, levels of stress and toxicity and emotional influences, as well as genetic predispositions from both parents.

Iridologists use specialist equipment in order to magnify and photograph the iris, but this is an entirely painless, non-invasive process, using a fibre-optic light source.  Usually the image will then be displayed on a screen and you will have the relevant features pointed out to you.  Most patients find the process enlightening and fascinating.

An Iridology examination will focus on your physical organs and systems to assess their inherent strength and function and any possible toxic problems.  In our practice we also make an assessment of the energetic, behavioural and emotional influences on your health.

Patient Testimonial
"I found Oliver's approach with iridology immensely useful at a time when I needed awareness of how my body worked best, and why I was getting acne at 28. To get to the root of the more superficial physical problems takes time and patience, and following Oliver's plan with check up's gave me a realistic structure, and the accuracy of the iridology reading assisted with the determination of how best to heal. The individual remedies I received were concocted based on the broad yet in-depth emotional and physical understandings, which I have found highly transformative. I have learnt so much more about the whole of myself and what my body specifically needs to be healthy, which became a bigger issue than just the acne - which of course has healed up. And so for all that I can't rate the service highly enough!"


Iridology is a life changing tool, although needs to be used alongside a therapeutic practice to achieve optimum health in individuals.  Oliver uses Iridology in all initial sessions with patients and then uses the healing applications of naturopathy and Nutritional Therapy to empower people to reach their full potential.  For further info on Oliver please follow the link below.

To make an appointment for iridology in London please phone 07971 987615, email oliver@oliverbarnetthealth.co.uk or visit www.oliverbarnetthealth.co.uk
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