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Bioresonance Therapy London Practitioner - Stop Smoking Treatment


Bioresonance Therapy in Stoke Newington, North London

Bioresonance London

 Neil Seligman

The Conscious Professional
Stoke Newington
London N16 and London W1
Tel: 020 7193 0548 or 07810 822502 
Website: www.theconsciousprofessional.com

Neil Seligman, who has over 15 years experience in the complementary therapies including Reiki, Meditation, Mindfulness and Bioresonance. He practises both at the Joshi Clinic in central London and in Stoke Newington.


The underlying theory behind bioresonance is that all matter has a resonant frequency. This includes every cell and organ system in the body which resonates at a particular frequency.

The whole body has a complex frequency make up. This can change or be altered by illness or emotional stress. By introducing healthy frequencies the body can be rebalanced to provide an environment where the body is able to heal itself.

Bioresonance treatment therefore appears to have connections with acupuncture and homeopathy principles which rely on energy flow and imprinting of frequencies on aqueous solutions. Frequencies are applied to the body by electromagnetic fields, light or vibration. Bioresonance is a powerful tool for energy balancing and healing and has particular application with regard to substance dependency.
Neil Seligman provides Bioresonance packages designed for smokers, those wishing to reduce their alcohol consumption, lose weight, lose their sugar addiction or are seeking stress and anxiety relief.
Please contact Neil if you have a specific health problem or emotional issue in mind and he can advise on whether treatment with bioresonance can help.
Each Bioresonance package includes one 90 minute treatment plus a unique homeopathic remedy prepared by the bioresonance machine during your session.
Neil works with the wds e-lybra 8 as seen below. All treatments are relaxing, calm and entirely holistic. 

Bioresonance London

For costs and further details about bioresonance treatments in London please visit www.theconsciousprofessional.com/bioresonance

You can also connect with Neil for further insight into his work:
Bioresonance to Stop Smoking
Testimonials – Smoking
“After just one session with Neil Seligman I was able to quit smoking for good. The bioresonance machine really works and completely took away my cravings for nicotine. Combined with Neil’s positive approach I would highly recommend it for anyone seeking help with their addiction.”
Jonell Elliott, Actress
“Neil – you’ll be very pleased to know that I haven’t touched a cigarette since my treatment, so thank you sooo much (!) I’m really grateful for your help in helping me give up. No chance of me starting again either – I absolutely can’t stand the smell of it, even to go as far to say I’ve got a real aversion to it now. Thank you once again.”
Jayne Crockford, Nurse
“I have been smoking since my early teens (that’s very nearly 30 years). Recently the amount I smoked increased, from around 20 a day to almost 30. I was starting to get fed up with it. Quite apart from the almost continual cough that I had, and the expense, now I was spending more time outside bars and restaurants than inside with my friends.
Neil told me about his treatment using bio-resonance and I must admit I was sceptical, but I was also fed-up of being a slave to cigarettes.
I had my treatment in the early evening. I had put out a cigarette just before then. The treatment lasted an hour and by then I should have been screaming for a cigarette but I wasn’t. I went home and had a normal evening, except I didn’t smoke.
The next morning when I woke up I thought about a cigarette, because that was my normal routine, but I didn’t need one, so I didn’t have one. And that’s how it’s been: I haven’t needed a cigarette so I haven’t had one. One evening I did get an urge, I think through habit more than anything else, but it was easy to say no. Five minutes later and, after a spray of Neil’s homeopathic remedy, the urge had passed.
After more than a month, even thinking about those routine cigarettes has gone… that first one in the morning… the one with a coffee… those ones.
The treatment was painless and easy. As I said I was skeptical, but I could definitely sense something as the treatment progressed, and the proof is in the pudding as they say.My friends and family are amazed: I was a die-hard smoker who they imagined never being able to give up. But I have managed it. And the cough? Well that went in the first week, and altogether I feel and look better than I have for ages.”
William McMullan, 41, Sales and Marketing Manager
Stop-Smoking Discussion on the Richard and Judy Show
The effectiveness of bioresonance in enabling smokers to quit their habit was broadcast during the week 15th July 2005 on Channel 4s’ The Richard and Judy show. The treatment had been experienced by two long term smokers; Martin Pashley of Loaded Magazine and Nina Goswami from the Daily Telegraph.
Both journalists spoke about the impact the treatment made to their lifestyles and health with graphic descriptions of how their bodies detoxed the cigarette toxins after just one treatment. The opinions of the journalists was similiar to those of many others who have received the treatment in that they had no urge to smoke when around other smokers and have no interest in returning to their habit.
Martin Pashley commented “ It feels like the addiction is gone. ..I feel a lot healthier.”
The show took an objective stance and outlined the basis of bioresonance detailing how the technology was developed in Germany while a group of Polish Doctors discovered the protocols to enable it to be applied to patients with addictive problems, especially smoking. In more recent years the technology has been further developed by Psychologists in the USA to enable it to be used to eliminate the psychological dependency on nicotine. These developments resulted in the stop smoking treatment.
To give up smoking please call Neil on
020 7193 0548 or 07810 822502

Bioresonance demonstrated on the Richard & Judy Show